Are you a real estate agent looking to take your career to the next level?

If so, consider joining Right at Home Realty in Toronto. Founded with a visionary approach and backed by a solid commitment to agent-centric support, Right at Home Realty has become Canada’s largest independent brokerage. In this article, we’ll explore why joining Right at Home Realty could be the best decision for your real estate career.

About Right at Home Realty

Founded in 2004 by visionaries Howard Drukarsh, Ronald E. Peddicord, and the late Arthur Bartram, Right at Home Realty began as a groundbreaking concept in the Canadian real estate industry.

Inspired by a successful American model that allowed Realtors® to keep 100% of their commissions, Right at Home Realty sought to disrupt Canada’s traditional commission-based brokerage model.

Their goal was to empower real estate agents with more control over their businesses, marketing efforts, and finances.

Today, Right at Home Realty is a network of 10 offices across Ontario, with close to 6,000 dedicated members.

It proudly maintains its position as the number-one Greater Toronto Area brokerage and remains Canada’s largest independent brokerage. Right at Home Realty is part of the RealServus Holding Corporation, reflecting its strong commitment to innovation and excellence in the real estate industry.

Agent-Centric Support and Training

One of the key reasons why many of Toronto’s top-performing agents choose Right at Home Realty is the level of support and training provided.

While some may mistakenly view Right at Home Realty as an “arms-length” brokerage, the reality is that they offer as much support and training as needed for their agents. However, there’s a caveat – you must be a self-starter.

At Right at Home Realty, you can shape your brand and determine the resources required for success. This unique approach attracts agents who want to take control of their careers and build their brands on their terms.

Moreover, the brokerage’s cost structure is highly favourable for agents. With monthly fees of just $109 and transaction fees that won’t break the bank, agents can keep more of their hard-earned commissions.

Training and Development

Right at Home Realty offers training opportunities beyond traditional real estate topics. Their training encompasses valuable business skills, including proper structures and tax considerations.

While some training may overlap with the Toronto Real Estate Board offerings, it provides agents with a well-rounded education to excel in the industry.

Challenges to Consider

No brokerage has no challenges, and Right at Home Realty is no exception. One potential challenge is that agents must proactively advocate for the required help and resources. While the brokerage is receptive, you must take the initiative once you communicate your needs.

In terms of physical infrastructure, the office is clean and professional, but it’s primarily a place for meetings rather than extended work sessions. However, this suits the self-motivated nature of many agents. Additionally, the technology infrastructure, while functional, can be fragmented, with multiple platforms and passwords. Most agents find it beneficial to have their own contact management system.

Building Your Brand

Right at Home Realty expects agents to take responsibility for their branding and marketing efforts. This approach encourages you to define your unique brand identity and message. While marketing materials and resources may be slightly behind the times, there’s an ongoing effort to modernize these aspects, promising a brighter future.

Why I Chose Right at Home Realty

James Fields, a Realtor in Toronto, chose Right at Home Realty for several compelling reasons.

The economics of joining the brokerage, with its low fees and substantial commission retention, was a significant draw.

As someone with a private equity and digital marketing background, James valued the opportunity to build his professional brand independently.

Networking was another significant factor in his decision.

Right at Home Realty boasts some of the industry’s most prominent leaders as its agents, providing invaluable networking opportunities.

James believes other brokerages often offer unnecessary “bells and whistles” that don’t translate into real economic value.

In conclusion, joining Right at Home Realty in Toronto can be a game-changer for your real estate career.

With a visionary founding spirit, agent-centric support, and favourable economics, it’s the preferred choice for many of Toronto’s top-performing agents.

Take control of your career, build your brand, and keep more of your commissions by becoming part of the Right at Home Realty family. If you have any questions or want to explore joining Right at Home Realty, feel free to contact James Fields at [email protected].

Your journey to real estate success starts here!

The key factors for why you should consider joining Right at Home Realty:
key factors
  • Visionary Founding: Founded by visionaries in the industry, Right at Home Realty disrupted the traditional brokerage model in Canada.
  • Largest Independent Brokerage: Canada’s largest independent brokerage, with a strong presence in the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Agent-Centric Support: Right at Home Realty provides its agents extensive support and training opportunities.
  • Control Over Brand: Agents have the freedom to shape their brand and determine their own success requirements.
  • Favourable Cost Structure: With low monthly fees and reasonable transaction costs, agents can keep more commissions.
  • Comprehensive Training: Beyond real estate topics, training includes valuable business skills.
  • Proactive Advocacy: Agents are encouraged to advocate for the resources they need to succeed.
  • Flexible Workspace: While there’s a professional office environment, it’s primarily for meetings accommodating self-motivated agents.
  • Technology Infrastructure: While functional, technology infrastructure can be fragmented, but agents can use their contact management systems.
  • Building Your Brand: Agents are expected to take charge of their branding and marketing efforts.
  • Networking Opportunities: Right at Home Realty offers access to industry leaders, enhancing your networking opportunities.
  • Economical Choice: The economics of joining Right at Home Realty make it cost-effective, allowing you to retain more commissions.
  • Modernization Efforts: The brokerage is working to modernize marketing materials and resources.
  • Accessible Contact: Contact James Fields at [email protected] for more information about joining Right at Home Realty.


Right at Home Realty FQA

Important questions for agents looking to join right at home Realty

How do I contact James Fields realtor at right at Home Realty?

You can contact James Fields directly at on the contact page or by contacting Right At Home Realty.

Right at Home Realty, Brokerage*
Address: 1396 Don Mills Road, Suite: B121
Location: Toronto Central, Ontario
Office: 416-391-3232
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What sets Right at Home Realty apart from other brokerages in Toronto?
  • Right at Home Realty distinguishes itself by being the largest independent brokerage in Canada, with a visionary founding spirit. It offers an agent-centric approach, allowing you to control your brand and success requirements. A favourable cost structure and comprehensive training provide a unique opportunity for agents to thrive.
How does RAHR support its agents' success?
  • Right at Home Realty offers extensive support and training opportunities, including valuable business skills beyond traditional real estate topics. However, it’s crucial to note that agents must proactively advocate for the resources they need. The brokerage empowers agents to take control of their careers.
Can I retain more of my commissions at Right at Home Realty?
  • Yes, you can. Right at Home Realty boasts a cost-effective structure with low monthly fees and reasonable transaction costs. Agents can keep more of their hard-earned commissions compared to other brokerages. This economic efficiency can significantly benefit your bottom line.
How can I build my professional brand at Right at Home Realty?

RAHR encourages agents to take charge of their branding and marketing efforts. While the brokerage provides some marketing materials and resources, it expects agents to define their unique brand identity. The freedom to shape your brand is one of the key advantages of joining Right at Home Realty.
These answers should help prospective agents better understand what RAHR offers and how it aligns with their career goals.