Choosing the right real estate brokerage is critical for aspiring or experienced realtors. Two prominent options in Toronto, Realty ONE Group and Right at Home Realty, offer different approaches to support and services. In this comparative blog post, we’ll delve into both brokerages’ key features, benefits, and considerations to help you make an informed choice for your real estate career.

Realty ONE Group: The Un-Brokerage
Commission Structure:

– Realty ONE Group offers a revolutionary 100% commission model. Realtors keep the entirety of their commissions except for minimal transaction fees.
– Transaction fees are reasonable, $250 for every $250,000 up to $3000 per transaction, capped at $3,000 per transaction and a $150 broker review fee, providing transparency and cost-effectiveness.
– For a $1 million transaction, realtors would pay only $1,150 in fees, which is a significant advantage compared to traditional brokerages.

Financial Considerations:

– Monthly dues range from $199 (promo) to $249 annually, totalling $2,388 to $2,988 annually.
– Onboarding fees may apply, particularly for new realtors.
– New realtors with fewer than five transactions may need to split their commission, which could impact their earnings.

Technology and Office Environment:

– Realty ONE Group emphasizes modern technology and provides a one-stop marketing administration platform.
– The brokerage offers an engaging office environment with various amenities, including personal office spaces, temporary office spaces, and dedicated areas for podcasts and social media.
– Friendly and knowledgeable support staff contribute to a positive working environment.

Target Audience and Leadership:

– Realty ONE Group is suitable for modern young professionals looking to start or advance their real estate careers.
– Despite being relatively new to Toronto, the brokerage boasts experienced and approachable leadership.
– Frequent office visits are encouraged for those who prefer an in-person work setting.

Mentorship and Accountability:

– New realtors may need to split their commissions initially, which can be a downside.
– Mentorship is available, but realtors should hold mentors accountable to ensure they receive value for their contributions.

Right at Home Realty:

For Independent Realtors

Commission Structure:

– Right at Home Realty offers a commission model where realtors keep 100% of their earnings, with a straightforward transaction fee of $395 and an $85 brokerage review fee.
– A million-dollar transaction would cost realtors $480, significantly lower than many other brokerages.

Financial Considerations:

– Monthly dues are lower at $109, with yearly dues totalling $1,308.
– The brokerage emphasizes cost control, allowing realtors to pay only for necessary services.

Support and Office Environment:

– Right at Home Realty empowers realtors to manage their businesses independently.
– The brokerage offers training and mentorship if needed, but realtors should be self-sufficient and goal-oriented.
– The office environment is professional but has yet to be designed for extended work hours.

Target Audience and Independence:

– This brokerage caters to established realtors seeking to maximize business control and minimize transaction costs.
– Realtors at Right at Home Realty are surrounded by successful peers but should be prepared to work autonomously.

Choosing between Realty ONE Group and Right at Home Realty largely depends on your career stage, financial considerations, and work preferences.

Realty ONE Group is ideal for modern professionals seeking a supportive and technologically advanced environment, while Right at Home Realty is better suited for experienced realtors who value independence and cost control. Ultimately, the decision should align with business objectives.

If you’re looking to join Right AT Home Realty, feel free to let them know I referred you or reach out directly to talk with me.


A Comparative Overview of Realty ONE Group and Right at Home Realty: Choosing the Right Brokerage for Your Real Estate Career

What is the commission structure at Realty ONE Group and Right at Home Realty, and how does it impact realtors' earnings?

Realty ONE Group offers a 100% commission model with capped transaction fees, while Right at Home Realty also provides 100% commissions with lower transaction fees. For example, on a million-dollar transaction, Realty ONE Group charges $1,150 in fees, whereas Right at Home Realty’s fees amount to $480. Consider your transaction volume and how these fees affect your bottom line.

What are the financial obligations associated with each brokerage, including monthly and yearly dues?

Realty ONE Group’s monthly dues range from $199 to $249 per year, totaling $2,388 to $2,988 annually. Right at Home Realty offers lower monthly dues at $109, resulting in yearly dues of $1,308. Evaluate your budget and financial preferences to determine which brokerage aligns better with your financial goals.

What support and mentorship opportunities are available at Realty ONE Group and Right at Home Realty?

Realty ONE Group provides a modern, supportive environment with technological resources and an engaging office atmosphere. They offer mentorship but may require new realtors to split commissions initially. Right at Home Realty focuses on empowering realtors to be self-sufficient but does offer training and mentorship if needed. Assess your need for mentorship and support as you decide between the two.

Who is the ideal candidate for each brokerage in terms of career stage and work preferences?

Realty ONE Group is well-suited for modern young professionals starting or advancing their real estate careers who prefer an office environment. Right at Home Realty caters to established realtors looking to control their businesses independently and minimize costs. Consider your career stage and whether you value independence or a more supportive environment.

How do the office environments at Realty ONE Group and Right at Home Realty differ, and which aligns better with your work style?

Realty ONE Group offers an engaging office environment with amenities like personal office spaces, podcast rooms, and social media areas. Right at Home Realty provides a professional but straightforward office environment, primarily for independent work. Determine your need for office facilities and how they align with your work habits when making your choice.

Choosing The Right Real Estate Brokerage Is Critical For Aspiring Or Experienced Realtors