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 In the realm of real estate development, Metropia Developments stands out as a dynamic force dedicated to transforming the urban landscape of Canada.

Founded by Howard Sokolowski, Metropia is renowned for its commitment to urban renewal and environmentally conscious practices.

With an emphasis on enhancing the quality of life for its residents, Metropia has established itself as a national builder of urban and low-rise communities, setting new standards for innovation and excellence. Let’s delve deeper into the fruitful relationship between James Fields and Metropia Developments.

Metropia Developments’ Vision:

Metropia’s core vision revolves around making a meaningful impact on Canada’s real estate development industry. They aim to achieve this by creating vibrant, modern communities catering to their residents’ diverse needs. Key aspects of their approach include affordability, environmental sustainability, and a dedication to enhancing the region’s landscape. Their commitment to these principles is what sets them apart in the industry.


Howard Sokolowski, the Founder and CEO of Metropia Developments, brings a wealth of experience and understanding to the company. With his prior success at Tribute Communities, he has proven to be an influential leader. Sokolowski has the strategic foresight to build award-winning projects beyond current trends. He prioritizes customer satisfaction and partnerships, working closely with clients and stakeholders who share a vested interest in the communities they develop.

David Speigel, the President and COO of Metropia, adds to the company’s leadership strength. With over 30 years of experience in the construction industry, Speigel’s expertise is invaluable. His track record includes managing thousands of homes and high-rise suites in Greater Toronto. Speigel’s keen eye for areas with substantial growth potential is instrumental in guiding Metropia’s successful projects.

A Focus on Quality:

Metropia Developments has consciously chosen quality over quantity, establishing its reputation for providing exclusive homes built with superior materials and craftsmanship. By building exclusionary projects, they ensure that each home aligns with the unique specifications of discerning homebuyers.

Past Projects:

Metropia’s impressive portfolio includes noteworthy projects like Emerald Park and Exhibit Residences, which exemplify the company’s commitment to luxury, convenience, and modern living.
With its ideal location on Yonge Street, Emerald Park showcases a lifestyle emphasizing convenience and luxury, with 476 suites and numerous amenities.
Exhibit Residences, located at 200 Bloor Street W., offers unparalleled extravagance in Yorkville, boasting 200 signature residential suites.

Recent Successes:

Metropia Developments’ success extends beyond their impressive past projects. The launch of the UnionCity Condo Project in late summer 2023 saw immense success, with the sale of 1,200 units within just six days. This highlights the developers’ outstanding reputation and ability to thrive despite uncertain economic times.

The Hill Residences Project, situated in Toronto’s coveted Deer Park neighbourhood, promises premium living with modern amenities and convenient access to transit routes.

The Future:

Metropia Developments is also completing 11 Yorkville, a luxury residence in one of Toronto’s most exclusive neighbourhoods. This demonstrates their ongoing commitment to creating exceptional living spaces that cater to the evolving needs of residents.

For inquiries about Metropia Developments projects, please contact James Fields, a realtor specializing in pre-construction and new condominium sales.

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