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Graywood Developments, where the path to financial success intertwines with the expertise of Realtor James Fields. Investing in Graywood Developments alongside the guidance of James Fields opens doors to lucrative returns while ensuring a comfortable and contemporary living experience for residents, complete with exceptional amenities.  With a focus on Condominium communities spanning the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary markets, Graywood’s institutional approach and commitment to community engagement guarantee outstanding results at every stage of the development process.

Homeownership in Canada: Metroside 3 Condos - Video summary

Toronto realtor James Fields interviews Kaylee Kelly, the sales director at Graywood Development. Graywood is a Toronto-based private investment management company specializing in exceptional real estate development. With almost 40 years of experience, they have created nearly 31,000 homes across North America, primarily focusing on the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and recent expansion into Calgary.
Graywood is a full-circle developer, handling everything from acquisitions and development to construction, sales, marketing, and homeowner relations. They emphasize AAA locations, focusing on transit-oriented, family-friendly neighbourhoods with amenities. Their recent investment in Calgary was a strategic move to diversify and capitalize on the city’s growth potential, affordability, and young population. Calgary’s shift towards a tech hub and favourable tax incentives have made it an attractive destination for newcomers and businesses.
One of Graywood’s latest projects, Metroside 3 , has been highly successful due to its prime location, direct LRT access, and proximity to Fish Creek Provincial Park. The community offers urban amenities, making it a sought-after neighbourhood. Graywood offers a three-year rental management program for investors interested in Metroside 3 Condos, Calgary real estate, to ease the burden of managing properties from afar. The closing costs in Calgary are significantly lower compared to Toronto, making it a compelling option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios or enter the real estate market with more affordability.
Graywood’s ongoing commitment to quality and strategic investments has positioned them as a reliable and promising developer in both the GTA and Calgary markets. More projects are on the horizon, providing further opportunities for interested investors to participate in the real estate growth in these dynamic locations.

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About Graywood

Graywood Developments is a private investment management company based in Toronto, specializing in developing exceptionally high-quality real estate properties across Canada and select markets in the United States. With a strategic focus on mixed-use communities, Graywood Developments goes beyond traditional development approaches, delivering outstanding results for investors and purchasers.
Graywood Developments investments are primarily forged through strategic partnerships with reputable institutions, pension plans, family offices, high-net-worth individuals, landowners, and residential home builders.
Since Graywood’s establishment in 1985 by visionary founders Garnet Watchorn and Moshe Tamari, Graywood has remained at the forefront of the industry by anticipating future trends.
Graywood has successfully developed over 31,100 housing units across various asset classes, with a combined value of over $8.3 billion. Currently, Graywood has over 6,000 units (5.2 million sq. ft.) under development, valued at over $4.3 billion.
Graywood primarily focuses on building vibrant mixed-use communities spanning the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary markets. Graywoods approach is guided by a rigorous institutional philosophy that ensures the selection of projects. Graywood Developments offers premier real estate opportunities to purchasers while generating solid returns for their esteemed investors.
As city builders, Graywood understands the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships within the communities in which they build. Graywood Developments projects are thoughtfully designed to meet buyers’ needs and seamlessly integrate with the existing urban fabric. Graywood Developments actively involve key stakeholders and community members throughout the development process, fostering collaboration and ensuring their projects enrich the neighbourhoods they become a part of.
Choose Graywood Developments as your partner for expertise, innovation, and a commitment to building exceptional real estate properties that enhance communities and create lasting value.

Graywood Developments

Q & A

How long has Graywood Developments been shaping the future of real estate development, and what is their portfolio like?

Graywood Developments has been actively shaping the future of real estate development since its establishment in 1985 by Garnet Watchorn and Moshe Tamari. With an impressive portfolio of over 31,100 housing units developed across various asset classes and a combined value exceeding $8.3 billion, Graywood has established a legacy of forward-thinking development. They currently have over $4.3 billion worth of projects under development, totalling more than 6,000 units.

Why is Graywood Developments a trusted developer by James Fields?

Graywood Developments offers comprehensive services in their real estate developments. These include land acquisition, project design, sales, marketing, and construction management. By handling every aspect of the development process, Graywood ensures high-quality and well-executed projects.

Maison Wellesley Condos

Maison Wellesley Condos, a masterpiece by Graywood Developments. Located at 506 Church Street, this 15-storey architectural marvel boasts 173 meticulously designed residential units, ranging from studios to three-bedroom suites.

🚶‍♂️ With an impressive Walk Score of 97 and a Transit Score of 91, Maison Wellesley Condos puts you in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant Church and Wellesley neighbourhood. Immerse yourself in the city’s energy while enjoying easy access to subway stations, renowned universities, and retail shops.

Centricity Condos

Centricity Condos, developed by Graywood Developments Ltd., is a luxurious residential tower located at Church Street and Dundas Street East in the heart of downtown Toronto. Standing tall at 53 storeys, this condominium offers the utmost convenience, surrounded by world-class transportation options, prestigious educational institutions, major employment hubs, and vibrant lifestyle amenities.

Metroside Condos 3

Metroside Condos 3, a new development by Graywood Developments Ltd., is located at James McKevitt Road SW and Shawnee Gate SW in Calgary’s sought-after southwest quadrant. It is part of Fish Creek Exchange, a vibrant master-planned community situated next to the stunning Fish Creek Park, offering a range of townhomes and condos.

Toronto's Billion-Dollar New Condo Investing Industry

Graywood Developments’ expertise extends to crafting mixed-use communities across the Greater Toronto Area and Calgary markets. Graywood’s institutional approach ensures prime real estate opportunities for buyers and solid returns for investors.

Tips for buying a new Condo

Toronto’s booming condo market has the attention of investors worldwide, with billions of dollars pouring into the city’s real estate landscape. Suppose you’re considering joining the wealth-building journey. In that case, these vital insights shared by industry insiders like James and Alan from Graywood Developments can help you make informed decisions and get closer to financial freedom.

1. Location, Location, Location

When investing in Toronto’s new condo market, always prioritize location. Well-connected properties in lively neighborhoods enjoy higher appreciation rates than those in remote areas with limited connectivity. A prime area with existing infrastructure is more desirable as it offers seamless commuting on public transit or biking through the city. 

2. Infrastructure Matters

Toronto’s public transit development hasn’t kept up with its rapid population growth, leading to traffic congestion. Choose properties with access to reliable public transit options instead of banking on proposed or under-construction infrastructures like the Eglinton Crosstown LRT.

3. Biking Accessibility

With an increasing focus on sustainable living, new condos close to Toronto’s main biking arteries are valuable assets. These well-connected properties cater to eco-conscious residents who prefer biking to work or heading out on day trips across the city.

4. Future Developments

Although upcoming projects like the Ontario Line might boost property values further, relying solely on future developments is risky. Always prioritize existing amenities like proximity to shopping centers, parks, schools, and entertainment hubs when looking for condos that are most likely to appreciate.

5. Stick to Developers with a good reputation  

Aligning with established developers like Graywood Development can save investors from pitfalls associated with lesser-known names in the industry. Seasoned condo developers have a credible track record and are transparent about their operations – vital to building trust and confidence.

6. Diversify Your Portfolio

No investment strategy is foolproof; hence, having a diversified portfolio encompassing various property types, locations, and developers is wise. Strike a balance between downtown condos, suburban properties, and those with unique selling points to spread the risk.