Big news for Toronto homeowners! The Toronto City Council has just approved the construction of multiplexes – that’s right, up to fourplexes – on all residential lots in Toronto.


Every home in Toronto can now be converted to multifamily income properties.

Are you aware that the city of Toronto has taken groundbreaking and innovative steps to optimize the profitability of homeowners?


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In the thriving city of Toronto, a recent and game-changing decision has been made by the City Council to approve multiplexes, allowing up to a fourplex, on most residential lots. This is an extraordinary opportunity for astute investors like yourself to capitalize on this progressive move and maximize your returns through real estate investing in multiplexes.

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Realtor James Fields can help you unlock the potential of this exciting market shift. With his deep knowledge and expertise in Toronto’s real estate landscape, he’s the ideal professional to identify lucrative investment opportunities tailored to meet your financial goals. Investing in multiplex properties not only offers higher returns but also provides diversification to your investment portfolio, making it a balanced long-term strategy.

By working with James Fields, you’ll gain access to an extensive network of contacts, up-to-date market insights, and guidance on navigating the complexities of property acquisitions and management. This will ensure that you stay ahead of the competition as these new developments begin to reshape the city’s real estate market.

The recent approval of multiplexes (up to a fourplex) city-wide on most residential lots by the Toronto Council is a monumental step towards tackling the housing crisis in the city.


This bold and progressive move addresses the increasing demand for housing and promotes sustainable urban development. 

To begin with, allowing multiplexes on residential lots directly combats the issue of scarce and unaffordable housing options. Toronto has been grappling with skyrocketing home prices, leaving many aspiring homeowners and renters struggling to find suitable accommodations.

By permitting the construction of multiplexes, the council is increasing the supply of available units, which will help stabilize prices and make homeownership or rental more attainable for a diverse range of residents.

The construction of multiplexes also contributes to urban densification, reducing urban sprawl and promoting sustainable growth. With more people occupying smaller spaces, we reduce the need for further expansions into green spaces and agricultural lands, preserving our environment for future generations. Dense urban areas also lead to efficient utilization of resources such as utilities and public transportation.

Moreover, multiplexes support vibrant, diverse communities by catering to different income levels and household types. They offer various types of dwellings—whether it’s apartments or townhouses—suiting both individual renters and families in search of affordable homes. These mixed-income neighborhoods enjoy enhanced quality of life as they foster connections between people from different walks of life.

Another advantage of multiplex development is that it bolsters local economies. Small businesses thrive in densely populated areas as they gain access to a larger customer base. This increase in commercial activity generates economic growth and creates job opportunities for locals.

Toronto Council’s decision to approve multiplexes is not only timely but essential for addressing the pressing housing crisis faced by many. It paves the way for sustainable urban planning that preserves natural resources while strengthening communities and supporting economic growth—all vital elements in creating a city that caters to the needs of all its residents.

The conversation on the Billion-Dollar Landscape podcast involving Sean Galbraith and Realtor James Fields is a testament to the significance of this move and how it will shape Toronto’s future. We encourage everyone to tune in and learn more about this transformative development policy.

Toronto’s Multiplex Boom: A Game-Changer in Real Estate Investing – Interview with Urban Planner Sean Galbraith (Part 2)

In today’s episode, we continue our insightful interview with urban planner Sean Galbraith, exploring the monumental impact of multiplexes on Toronto’s development and intensification.

Multiplex Read More about Part 2

Toronto’s New Bylaw: A Catalyst for Multiplex Growth
The City of Toronto recently introduced a groundbreaking bylaw to foster multiplex development by eliminating Floor Space Index (FSI) limits and building height restrictions. This strategic move prioritizes more housing units over larger single-family houses, aligning with the city’s vision for sustainable urban growth.
Streamlined Development Process
The new bylaw offers generous permissions for multiplexes, eliminating the need for minor variances and additional costs that typically hinder development projects. As a result, the development process has been streamlined, paving the way for increased housing options.
Financial Incentives for Landowners and Developers
Recognizing the importance of encouraging multiplex construction, the city has provided significant relief for landowners and developers. Development charges and Parks Levy have been waived for up to four units on a single lot, substantially enhancing the financial viability of multiplex projects.
Multiplexes as Social and Economical Solutions
The Billion Dollar Landscape podcast highlights multiplexes as an ingenious solution to address critical social and economic issues, such as housing affordability and the demand for multi-generational living arrangements. By diversifying housing options, multiplexes create opportunities for a more inclusive and vibrant community.
City’s Vision for Affordable and Accessible Housing
In pursuit of more affordable and accessible housing, the city plans to intensify main streets and neighbourhoods while allowing the construction of small apartment buildings. Additionally, strategic growth around major transportation station areas is being targeted to enhance accessibility and convenience for residents.
Empowering Small-Scale Developers and Citizens
The podcast emphasizes the empowering role of small-scale developers and encourages regular citizens to participate in Toronto’s flourishing development industry. Thanks to the new zoning regulations, opportunities abound for aspiring developers, democratizing the real estate market.
Overcoming Challenges and Fostering Citizen Builders
Despite potential challenges like developers holding approvals and hesitating to take action, the city remains committed to providing opportunities for citizen builders and mom-and-pop developers. Their involvement will significantly contribute to the expansion and diversification of Toronto’s housing market.
As Toronto embraces a new era of multiplex development, we thank Sean Galbraith for sharing his valuable insights on the transformative power of this real estate trend. The city’s visionary bylaws and initiatives present a promising landscape for investors and residents, ultimately shaping a more vibrant, affordable, and inclusive metropolis. Join us next time on The Billion Dollar Landscape podcast as we continue to explore the ever-evolving world of real estate investing.

Multifamily Development FAQ

Insightful information on frequently asked inquiries. Multifamily residences triplex or fourplex in toronto.

Can I construct a triplex or fourplex on my property in Toronto?

Certainly, you can develop multifamily residences on your property in Toronto. In specific scenarios, you might even be allowed to add a fifth unit, such as a garden or laneway house.

Is it necessary to approach the committee for adjustments when building a triplex or fourplex in Toronto?

Unless there are deviations from standard regulations, obtaining the appropriate building permits is typically all that’s required for constructing multifamily residences on your property.

What are the height restrictions for constructing a triplex or fourplex in Toronto?

For both triplexes and fourplexes in Toronto, a maximum height of 10 meters, roughly equivalent to three stories, is permissible without needing to request a variance.

Within the framework of Toronto's new initiative for multifamily residences, have you engaged with the committee of adjustments for any projects?

Yes, I have experience with projects that sought variances that would have previously been deemed as significant. Based on these encounters, I understand that the City of Toronto is highly accommodating towards various forms of multifamily residential development, including fourplexes.