Due to financial issues and delays, the One Bloor Condominium project at 1 Bloor St. West, Toronto, has recently been a concern. 

  • The One Bloor Condo: A Promising Start
  • The journey of One Bloor began before its official pre-construction condo launch in 2017. The project carried a promising outlook with its prestigious address at One Bloor, located in the highly desirable neighbourhood of Yonge and Bloor. This vibrant area is known for luxury living, offering high-end boutiques, restaurants, and bars that attract a sophisticated clientele and even celebrities during the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Amenities and Design Innovation
  • Residents of 1 Bloor East enjoy convenient amenities, including a McEwan grocery store within the building and an expansive Whole Foods for health-conscious shoppers. Additionally, cultural attractions like the Gardiner Museum and the Royal Ontario Museum are nearby, making it an ideal location for residents.


One Bloor Condo
The One Bloor Condo
Pre-Construction Condo

The One Bloor Condo is Canada’s first officially recognized “super-tall” building, resulting from innovative design by architects Foster + Partners.

The project involved a multidisciplinary team of experts who worked to address structural challenges and create pillar-free spaces within the tower.

A Complex History

The history of One Bloor has seen its fair share of complexities. Initially launched by developer Bazis International Inc. in 2007, the project faced multiple challenges. The site, previously a two-story retail building, was eventually demolished to make way for the project.

Sale to Great Gulf Homes

After various setbacks and plan changes, the project was sold to Great Gulf Homes in 2009. Subsequently, it underwent design revisions and height reductions. Despite these issues, the project continued to evolve with additional floors and features.

Recent Challenges and Delays

The project has faced continual delays and cost overruns due to disputes between key investors, namely Sam Mizrahi and Jenny Coco. These disagreements and issues have impeded the project’s progress. Furthermore, a planned partnership with Apple Store fell through.

Current Status and Investor Concerns

Construction has stalled at around 40 stories, and only a portion of residential units has been sold, while others face tepid demand due to changing market conditions. The project’s price tag has increased, and the opening date is projected for 2025 at the earliest.

Pre-Construction Condo The_One_Condo_Toronto

Investors should not be overly concerned but rather excited about the potential resolution of governance issues.

Deposits made by original pre-construction unit purchasers are protected in a lawyer’s trust account, safeguarding their interests.

However, investors should be aware of the possibility of extended project timelines due to today’s interest rates affecting prequalification requirements.


The Future of The One-Bloor Condo


ProjectWhile the journey of The One Bloor Condominium project has been fraught with challenges, it’s essential to consider the potential for positive outcomes. The resolution of governance issues and the involvement of a court-appointed receiver signal a new direction for the project. Investors and future residents should take note of the following factors:

7.1. The Role of the Court-Appointed Receiver


Appointing a court-appointed receiver is a pivotal development in The One Bloor’s journey. This move aims to bring stability to the project and resolve ongoing governance issues that have plagued its progress. The receiver’s role is to oversee the completion of the project and ensure that it reaches its full potential.

7.2. The Developer’s Support


Sam Mizrahi, a well-known developer in Toronto, supports the appointment of a receiver. This decision is viewed as a positive step towards overcoming the project’s challenges. Mizrahi’s continued involvement as the developer and general contractor suggests a commitment to see The One Bloor to fruition.

7.3. Protection of Investor Deposits


Investors who have purchased pre-construction units at One Bloor should find reassurance in protecting their deposits. These deposits are typically held in a lawyer’s trust account, safeguarding them in case of a builder’s default. This protection ensures investors’ financial interests are secure during the project’s development.

7.4. Implications for Investors


While investors need not be overly concerned, it’s essential to acknowledge the potential implications of the project’s delays. Extended construction timelines may change prequalification requirements due to today’s interest rates. Investors may need to adapt to new lending conditions, which could impact their financial plans.

7.5. The Project’s Ambitious Nature


The One Bloor Condominium project stands out not only for its prestigious address but also for its ambitious and innovative design. It holds the distinction of being Canada’s first officially recognized “super-tall” building, showcasing the creativity and technical marvel of its architects and engineers.

7.6. Challenges Overcome


The history of The One Bloor is marked by challenges that have been confronted and, to some extent, overcome. These challenges include disputes between principal investors, design revisions, and funding issues. The project’s resilience and determination to advance make it an intriguing venture.

Pre-Construction Condo Mizrahi Developments

The One Bloor Condo project at 1 Bloor St. West, Toronto, has had a turbulent history, but it continues to hold promise and intrigue, making it an essential task to watch in the Toronto real estate market.

While financial concerns have arisen, investors can find solace in protecting their deposits and the potential for positive outcomes as the project progresses.

The involvement of a court-appointed receiver and the developer’s support signal a new phase in the project’s development to resolve governance issues and ensure its successful completion.

Protecting investor deposits adds an additional layer of security while acknowledging the need to adapt to evolving lending conditions is essential.

Ultimately, The One Bloor Condo project represents an ambitious and resilient endeavour in Toronto’s real estate landscape.

Its complexities and setbacks make it a noteworthy and intriguing project, with the potential to become a legendary modern project in the city, not only due to its ambitious engineering marvel but also because of the challenges that had to be overcome for its success. As the project evolves, investors and observers can look forward to its impact on Toronto’s skyline and real estate market.


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