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The Billion-Dollar Landscape podcast, hosted by renowned Toronto real estate agents James Fields and Costas Kivelos, is an essential resource for anyone interested in navigating the complex world of pre-construction condos in Toronto. With their extensive knowledge and experience as part of the first access condo team, this dynamic duo has cemented their status as Toronto’s number-one source for all things related to pre-construction real estate investment.

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In its second season, The Billion-Dollar Landscape has expanded by introducing a second weekly episode: Wednesday Nights with James Uncensored. This new segment offers listeners an unfiltered view into the fascinating intersections between real estate, economics, politics, and the ever-evolving pre-construction condo market. The combination of professional insights and thought-provoking discussions make The Billion-Dollar Landscape podcast an invaluable tool for new and seasoned investors.

Billion-Dollar Landscape podcast, hosted by renowned Toronto real estate agents James Fields and Costas  Kivelos

As a true platinum team, James and Costas’ close relationships with developers grant their clients unparalleled advantages in generating profits through strategic investment. As a listener, you’ll have access to insider knowledge that would otherwise be inaccessible to most individuals. Each Monday morning and Wednesday evening episode will provide you with up-to-date information about current projects and future opportunities while enabling you to make informed decisions in your investment journey.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced investor, the wealth of knowledge from James Fields and Costas Kivelos on The Billion-Dollar Landscape continuously positions it as the prime choice for all things Toronto pre-construction condo. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your understanding of this lucrative market; start listening today!

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Season 2. episode 3. Are you marrying the deal? Pre-construction condo investing.

by Billion-Dollar Landscape | Podcast

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Season 2. episode 2. Armchair Experts ( season one episode five)

by Billion-Dollar Landscape | Podcast

Season 2. episode 1. Are you missing out on the best passive real estate opportunity?

by Billion-Dollar Landscape | Podcast