Arcadia District Condos

Bloor St W & Kipling Ave, Toronto

by EllisDon

Arcadia District Condos 
Ellisdon Developments
 Bloor St W &Amp; Kipling Ave,

Arcadia Condos

Arcadia District Condos is a new condominium development by EllisDon Developments, strategically located at Bloor St W & Kipling Ave, Toronto.

Arcadia District CondosThis contemporary multi-towered project promises to offer the ultimate modern lifestyle experience in the thriving Islington City Centre neighbourhood of Etobicoke.

Arcadia District Condos Project Overview:

  • Total Residential Units: 1,297 across four impressive towers ranging from 12 to 42 storeys.
  • Address: 56 Fieldway Rd, near the intersection of Kipling Ave and Bloor St W.
  • Three distinct phases, each with unique characteristics and studio to three-bedroom suite options.
  • Over four acres of land with 60,000 sq.ft private amenity club, retail space, daycare facility, and a sprawling 26,000 sq. ft Arcadia Park.
  • Modern architectural design with neutral-toned brickwork, floor-to-ceiling windows, and distinctive glass elements.
  • High Transit Score of 95, with easy access to Kipling Station Hub, Kipling GO Station, and Islington subway station for quick downtown Toronto connectivity.
  • The abundance of urban amenities, including shops, restaurants, parks, and major retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart, Ikea, Costco, and more.
  • Proximity to Tom Riley Park, Islington Golf Club, and the waterfront.
  • Great potential for investors in this rapidly growing neighbourhood.

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Growth Potential: Arcadia District is poised for exceptional growth, making it one of our top picks for this year.

With Ellis Don’s trusted name in Canadian real estate and the first phase set to launch this fall, now is the time to get in on the opportunity.

Arcadia District Is Poised For Exceptional Growth
Arcadia District Condominiums: Premier Transit Connectivity

Arcadia District Condominiums



Outstanding Transit Score of 95, offering numerous convenient transit options.

Ideally situated near Kipling Station Hub, Kipling GO Station, and Islington subway station.

Effective GO system connects to diverse destinations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Transit-Oriented Living

Besides its concentrated focus on transit, this development features a contemporary civic center area, consisting of a 10-story mid-rise building and three soaring towers of 22, 32, and 35 stories. The ground level connects to an all-encompassing civic plaza along Dundas, designed to be welcoming and universally accessible.

The civic center area aims to furnish secure and cozy outdoor spaces for residents and visitors alike. It comprises a public park and beautifully landscaped areas, elevating the visual appeal while providing safe outdoor spaces for everyone’s pleasure.

Seamlessly linking to TTC, GO, and MiWay transit services.

Advantages of this transit-oriented living include:

1 Decreased Air Pollution: Reduced private car usage results in lower emissions and fresher air.

2 Optimized Mobility: Residents benefit from easy access to diverse transportation choices, encouraging smooth travel within the city.

3 Effortless Access to Essential Services: Close distance to transit centers guarantees straightforward access to required amenities and services.

4 Restrained Urban Sprawl: Transit-focused communities discourage urban sprawl for more environmentally friendly city planning.

5 Better Air Quality: Lessened traffic congestion contributes to improved overall air quality.

6 Elevated Property Values: Enhanced transit access usually increases property values, proving to be a smart investment.

Arcadia District Condos Is A New Condominium Development By Ellisdon Developments, Strategically Located At Bloor St W &Amp; Kipling Ave, Toronto. Sales James Fields
About Ellis Don Developments

EllisDon Developments

EllisDon Developments, known for their outstanding work, is one of the largest builders in North America with a seven-decade track record of success. They have completed notable construction projects such as Yorkdale, Square One Mall, Rogers Center, etc. With a long history of delivering quality, EllisDon’s expertise will undoubtedly shine through in Arcadia District, giving you the confidence to invest in this remarkable project.

Arcadia District Condos FAQ

10 helpful questions and answers for someone considering purchasing a pre-construction condominium in the Arcadia District:

What is the expected completion date for Arcadia District Residences?

~Summer 2027.

The completion date for Arcadia District Residences will depend on the specific phase, as it’s being developed in multiple phases.

It’s essential to check with the developer for estimated timelines.

What are the different unit types available, and what are their starting prices?

Arcadia District offers a range of unit types, including studio to three-bedroom suites.

Pricing can vary, so you must inquire about specific starting prices for your preferred unit type. Email [email protected]

What amenities will be available within the development?

Arcadia District boasts an extensive list of amenities, including a rooftop pool, private amenity club, retail promenade, and more. Explore the full list and understand how they’ll enhance your lifestyle.

What is the deposit structure, and are there any incentives for early buyers?

Ask about the deposit structure and whether there are any incentives for early purchasers, such as lower down payment requirements or exclusive bonuses. Email: [email protected]

How does the purchasing process for a pre-construction condo work?

 Understand the steps involved in the pre-construction condo buying process, from signing the agreement to occupancy and closing.

What are the maintenance fees, and what do they cover?

Inquire about the monthly maintenance fees and what services and utilities they include.

This helps you budget effectively.

Are there any parking or storage options available for residents?

Check if parking spaces and storage units are available for purchase or included with specific units.

How is the neighbourhood developing, and what amenities are nearby?

Explore the neighbourhood’s growth potential and inquire about nearby amenities like schools, parks, shopping centers, and public transportation.

What is the developer's track record, and can I trust their quality of construction?

Research the developers’ past projects and industry reputation to gauge their work’s quality and reliability.

What is the resale potential of units in Arcadia District, and are there any rental restrictions?

Ask about the resale potential of your investment and whether there are any restrictions on renting out your unit should you consider it as an investment property.

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